All about Emerge

We are on a mission to reduce social isolation, and provide meaningful learning opportunities and activities in the community.

community arts

Our website is currently updating to have a bi-lingual option. Due to the COVID pandemic our workshops and projects are all running on-line via video platforms. This has been veery successful and there is an option to join in on 1-1 or group projects. Please get in touch. We have recently begun to deliver a Music project out in the community that supports projects preventing homelessness in Flintshire. We are planning to be back out delivering all of our projects in September 2021 as well as our new on-line options so keep an eye on our website and social media or contact us for the mailing list.

We provide music and performing arts workshops and projects on-line and in the community. Children, Young people and adults have the opportunity to come and learn with us in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment.

We understand that everyone is unique and respect people for who they are no matter what their circumstances in life.  Supporting people who experience learning differences or health issues, we realise there is a need to support people in their well-being through providing learning opportunities that build confidence and communication skills.

Feeling good about yourself and exploring your talents and interests is our philosophy. We utilise Music and the Creative and Performing Arts including accredited courses for adults, Interactive Music, Band Sessions, Sound Recording, Radio Shows, Creative Writing, Dance and Drama, Acting and Film Making and now we have a whole host of activities available on-line.

We regularly perform Music and plays at events in the local and wider community. Check us out on social media for performance updates and events!