Hey everyone! Sorry we haven

Hey everyone! Sorry we haven’t been blogging regularly, it’s been a busy old time after Christmas and we have been setting up new projects around the North West. We now have another four or five projects set up which are going really well and we have met some really talented people. The Greenfields Performing Arts Project is one project that started this month out in Holywell in North Wales. It’s a day of Interactive Music and Drama that is supported by the Workers Education Association and Communities First- Flintshire. It’s a brilliant project that enable participants to gain credits from the WEA course we are providing, supporting people to look toward further education or work opportunities. The course is aimed at people who are not in full time education and there are still a couple of places left if anyone would like to join. Please enquire with us if it’s something your interested in.

So far the group have started to show off their talent working with a range of instruments including drums, guitar, keyboards, sound beam, and of course their lovely voices! The group have been songwriting about their life experiences and interests. The Music is really grooving in the right direction. Participants also get involved in Drama and we have been devising and improvising, using props and the Music as stimulus for a piece of theatre. It’s going really well and people are keen to share their experiences. So we are all enjoying the course and working towards a show in a Performing Arts venue in North Wales. We will be back with more news and photo’s on progress soon. As we said- get in touch if you would like to get involved.

Have a great weekend! 🙂