Jamie making Music on-line with learners
Making Music from home!

Emerge tutor has been nominated for an Inspire Adult Tutor Award by our partners Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult learning Wales. Huge thanks to our Flintshire Curriculum Delivery Officer Gaynor for nominating Jamie, it means a lot to us all. Thanks to all our wonderful learners and families and carers for all your support. Jamie was a shortlisted finalist. Tonight we watched the ceremony live with host Nia Parry. It was wonderful to listen to all of the Tutors stories and feedback from learners. It is so encouraging to know we can make a difference and support learners to learn and grow in confidence and skills. ‘Every learner has a super power and it’s our job as Tutors to recognise it’ was one inspiring message from the event!

Jamie, we want to say a huge well done from us all at Emerge Community Arts and we will leave you with some feedback from our amazing learner and Sound Express band member Ryan-

“Hello my name is Ryan and I would like to say a few things about Jamie I’ve been with Emerge a while now and built up a fantastic relationship with Jamie he really is one in a million he helps me with anything and everything he goes up and beyond to help us. I love my music sessions with Jamie, he helps me with any problems I may have and he’s been my rock since lockdown when I have felt really low he has picked me up he’s an inspiration to me and I would love nothing better than for Jamie to win an award for his outstanding teaching and mostly for being a friend.  Ryan (Learner)

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