Today is National Poetry day! Woo hoo, an opportunity to enjoy, discover and share poetry! So what better opportunity for Emerge to share the thoughts and writing of our friends. Sit back, relax and enjoy some poetry from Cal…..

Shining Stars by Callum Percy

Brightness is a funny thing.
It’s so beautiful yet blinding.
Calming and burning at the same time.
Stare too long and you’ll feel as if your eyes are no longer yours.
I hope you know this as you stare at the stars.
Those stars. That twinkle cutely, that shine brightly.
They take up a place in our hearts and minds.
Make us smile.
Make us want to sing and dance.
But what do we do if we notice, if we see our stars going dim.
We worry. We cry. We lie to ourselves.
Easy to forget.
That even though a star is dim.
The brightness is still there.
For it sits inside us.
That smile on our face, the twinkle in our eyes.
The star is in us now. And no one can take that away.
Broken Leaf by Callum Percy
Broken leaf. Shredded. Left amongst the weeds. 
No one notices fully as it rots, they only see the mass and the moss.
They trample and avoid to keep their boots clean. The broken leaf is just dirt, a burden and an irritation to clean. Only a quick glance and step to pass by.
A Snowflake by Callum Percy
A snowflake falling. A small piece of many yet said to be totally ordinary.
Floating slowly yet the feeling of falling has a velocity that words do not match to.
Held together yet fragile.
When broken, nothing can save you.
A snowflake, an inch from the ground.
Although when it hits you wouldn’t know, it doesn’t produce sound.
Awaiting that sudden stop.
When fate locks and the single snowflake becomes one with the ground.
It’s fragile nature melts, it becomes lest intricate and just like all other fluid. Constantly fitting to whatever it’s put in.
Yet not belonging as it hasn’t found its ocean.
A snowflake. A single snowflake, has a story to tell.
But as I said you wouldn’t know, you can’t hear it. It’s too quiet to yell.
We hope you enjoyed today’s poetry from Cal, if you feel inspired and would like to e-mail your poems to us, feel free and we will share with our community, that would be lovely!
Enjoy the rest of National Poetry day and look out for more creative work in our blog.

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